International EMF Alliance

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Global Health at Risk by Daily Electromagnetic Fields

Chronic EMF-associated diseases: everyone is at potential risk

Urgent need for a precautionary approach

Ongoing developments in biomedical sciences increase worldwide consensus amongst leading life scientists that the multitude of cellular changes induced by non-ionizing electromagnetic fields may over several years bioaccumulate into a range of serious health problems, due to prolonged exposure at levels significantly below the current exposure guidelines. These fast emerging long-term risks form a wide and major threat for public health.


IEMFA is the International Electro-Magnetic Fields Alliance, supported by an independent and growing global body of empirically-based scientific experts on living processes, with a multilevel, multidisciplinary health focus. The Experts cover a wide range of Biological, -Physics, -Medical and Epidemiologic disciplines, ranging from electron and molecular level to the level of living cells, tissues and the functioning of different organ systems. They cooperate worldwide to supply a coherent, multilevel insight into the chaotic multitude of observed biological disruptions when exposed to non-ionizing radiation, addressing important long-term degradation threats for public health.

IEMFA collaborates with leading life-science institutions and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

11 May

Announcement from the International EMF Alliance

Request to NGOs
worldwide to support the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations

The International Electromagnetic Field Alliance (IEMFA) has received a statement of support for the International EMF Scientist Appeal submitted to the United Nations on May 11, 2015, from 70 NGOs in 14 countries. See the Appeal at:
To date, 198 scientists from 39 nations have signed the Appeal. Each has published peer-reviewed research on biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation, including extremely low frequency fields (ELF) used for electricity or radio frequency radiation (RFR) used for wireless communications.
These EMF scientists are raising serious concerns regarding the risks for humankind and nature from ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF sources (electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation) generated by electric and wireless devices from electrical power sources and the global wireless communications infrastructure. These scientists recognize that current international EMF exposure guidelines do not protect against long-term exposure or low-intensity effects, are insufficient to protect the health of humankind, and do not take into account the risks for all other biological organisms. The Appeal calls upon the United Nations (UN) and all member States in the world to encourage the World Health Organization (WHO) to exert strong leadership in fostering the
development of more protective EMF guidelines and to take precautionary measures to reduce EMF exposure conditions.
Organizations who have chosen to support this International EMF Scientist Appeal will be posted with the NGO letter of support on the IEMFA website along with the Appeal, when it is released. See:

You can add your organization to this list by contacting Janet Newton, President of The EMR Policy Institute in the United States,
Sissel Halmøy
Electromagnetic Field Alliance

The Following is
a listing of EMF advocacy and education organizations by nation who have signed the letter prepared by IEMFA in support of the International EMF Scientist Appeal

International EMF Alliance

International EMF Alliance

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