Hypersensitivity To Electricity

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Hypersensitivity to electricity: working definition and additional characterization of the syndrome

L Hillert, BK Hedman, E Söderman… – Journal of psychosomatic …, 1999 – Elsevier
Those who believe that electric appliances trigger adverse symptoms have coined the label
hypersensitivity to electricity. Scientific research has not been able to identify a direct link
between electromagnetic fields and symptoms, and no diagnostic criteria exist. Groups

revalence of self-reported hypersensitivity to electric or magnetic fields in a population-based questionnaire survey

L Hillert, N Berglind, BB Arnetz, T Bellander – Scandinavian journal of work, …, 2002 – JSTOR
The use of the syndrome label „hypersensitivity to electricity“ is based on 3). In Sweden, work
that involves a visual display unit (VDU) has been one of the most common- ly reported triggering
factors, while environmental exposure to outdoor sources such as power lines is a

Medical and social prognosis for patients with perceived hypersensitivity to electricity and skin symptoms related to the use of visual display terminals

B Stenberg, J Bergdahl, B Edvardsson… – Scandinavian journal of …, 2002 – JSTOR
Objectives This study attempted to give a medical and social prognosis for patients with
perceived“ electrical ensitivity“. Methods In 1980-1998, 350 patients with electrical sensitivity
were registered at the University Hospital of Northern Sweden in Umea, Sweden. Those

Coping and self-image in patients with visual display terminal-related skin symptoms and perceived hypersensitivity to electricity

J Bergdahl, B Stenberg, N Eriksson, G Lindén… – International archives of …, 2004 – Springer
Abstract Objectives: The aim of the present study was to measure coping resources and self-
image in patients with visual display terminal (VDT)-related skin symptoms and
hypersensitivity to electricity (HE). Methods: From 1980 to 1998, 350 patients with

The effect of supplementary antioxidant therapy in patients who report hypersensitivity toelectricity: A randomized controlled trial.

L Hillert, B Kolmodin-Hedman, P Eneroth… – MedGenMed: …, 2001 – europepmc.org
CONTEXT: Hypersensitivity to electricity is a proposed environmental illness of unknown
etiology. Patients report a variety of symptoms that they relate to electric equipment. The
afflicted individuals suffer from ill health. Many interventions have been tried but, to date,

A cognitive-behavioral treatment of patients suffering from“ electric hypersensitivity„: subjective effects and reactions in a double-blind provocation study

B Andersson, M Berg, BB Arnetz, L Melin… – … of Occupational and …, 1996 – journals.lww.com
One person was on 50% sick leave, partly because of the hypersensitivity to electricity. and to
react relatively fast, and some of them are also used in research on patients with „electric
hypersensitivity.“ 18,23. It was located in a place with no electric power supply cables close by.

Environmental illness: Fatigue and cholinesterase activity in patients reporting hypersensitivityto electricity

L Hillert, S Flato, A Georgellis, BB Arnetz… – Environmental …, 2001 – Elsevier
The lack of a pathophysiological marker hinders studies on environmental illnesses of
unknown origin. Hence, research focused on the identification of such a marker is a priority.
This study investigated the nature and a possible etiology of fatigue in hypersensitivity to

Hypersensitivity to electricity‚-a workplace phenomenon related to low-frequency electric and magnetic fields

B Knave, U Bergqvist, R Wibom – 8. International congress of the …, 1992 – inis.iaea.org
The present study describes the symptoms in hypersensitivity to electricity on basis of the
medical histories of 32 afflicted people. Thirty-One of the 32 subjects (97%) reported vague
skin complaints, such as blotchiness, pinkness, reddening, itching etc. twenty subjects (63

Hypersensitivity to electricity: Symptoms, risk factors and therapeutic interventions

L Hillert – 2001 – openarchive.ki.se
Persons reporting nonspecific health complaints attributed to activated electrical equipment
have been a growing concern in Sweden in the last decades. The aims of this thesis were to
investigate possible risk factors (personal and work-related), symptoms, and complaints

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: a systematic review of provocation studies

GJ Rubin, JD Munshi, S Wessely – Psychosomatic Medicine, 2005 – journals.lww.com
electro-smog,” “techno-stress,” “screen dermatitis,” and “environmental illness.” The databases
were also searched for papers using combinations of relevant stimulus MeSH or free-text key
words (eg, “mobile phone,” “computer,” “power line”) and hypersensitivity MeSH or free
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